5 Steps to Active Learning in your Online Class

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Course description

Are your students disengaged from virtual classes? Do you want to make a change but don’t know exactly how? Active learning is an approach to instruction that involves actively engaging students with the course material through discussions, problem-solving, case studies, role plays and other methods, and this can be done online too! Active learning approaches foster self-directed learners, rather than passive learners. In this online course, you will learn how to design or redesign your course or unit using active learning principles. You will explore different types of activities, digital tools, interactions, assessment types, an easy design guide, and curated examples through discussions and learning activities, culminating in the presentation of your own active learning activity.

Course structure

Topic 1: What is active learning?

Explore the origins, models, and effectiveness reports of this approach and discuss potential benefits, challenges, and solutions.

Topic 2: Discover active online activities

Let´s explore the vast world of active learning activities and types of interactions. Be exposed to examples, new tools, and ideas that you can take into your online class straight away.

Topic 3: Design: Step by step plan for active design

Transform into an active learning designer by just following these easy 5 steps. You will be able to design or redesign your learning unit or course to make it more engaging and foster in your students the higher-order thinking skills.

Topic 4: Strategies to facilitate the classes

What is your role as a teacher in your online classes? Active learning focuses on students directing their own learning, but how can you facilitate it while you meet the needs of a diverse group of students and make the most of them?

Topic 5: Apply to your course

Use the knowledge, ideas, and skills you have acquired to create or redesign a class or course, and submit it to receive feedback and ideas from your peers, that you can take with you to your classes.

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