Bullying Prevention and Intervention

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Teacher Trainer Ada Rigacci
Course Type Live Online for groups
Availability On request only
Course category Arts and wellbeing, Classroom management
Duration 5 Live Lessons of 60 minutes each
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Discrimination and bullying are some of the most diffused and dangerous problems at school. Not only can bullying have negative effects on learning, but it can also lead to long-lasting, sad consequences that can affect the students throughout their whole life. Therefore teachers should be provided with new methodologies in order to fight the increasing diffusion of problems connected to discrimination and bullying.

In this online course, we are going to work with practical exercises to train emotional awareness and listening skills among students as well as among teachers and trainers.

By the end of the training, participants will have deeper insights about the dynamics underlying discrimination and bullying in schools. They will also have developed skills and have practised methodologies to prevent conflicts, to manage emotions and to foster a better and a healthier school environment.

Course structure

Topic 1: Emotional intelligence

A good way to prevent bullying is to create a positive learning environment. To do so it is important for students to be aware of their own emotions and to improve their emotional intelligence. You are going to learn what is emotional intelligence, its parts according to Daniel Goleman’s definition and some simple exercises to be implemented in your class to boost emotional intelligence.

Topic 2: Bullying and the Maslow Pyramid of Needs

You are going to learn the difference between bullying and unkind behavior and the most common indicators for identifying victims and bullies, both at school and at home, and how these are connected with the Maslow Pyramid of Needs.

Topic 3: How to raise empathy to reduce bullying

Bullying prevention and intervention involve different problem solving activities on bullying, as well as role plays and we are going to understand how these activities can have a positive effect in improving empathy and therefore reduce bullying.

Topic 4: Bullying intervention

Intervention against bullying can be divided into three intervention areas: school, class and individual. You are going to learn how to collect information about bullying using teacher-, peer- and self-assessment methods and what you can do on each level to contrast bullying.

Topic 5: Active listening as key to success

You are going to be introduced to active listening and its benefits in creating a trust bond with students and more specifically to the method of restorative enquiry to talk to bullies and victims.

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