CLIL: a How to Guide (for Language and Content Teachers)

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Course description

Learn how to create engaging content for language learners while helping them develop their knowledge in a second or foreign language. Our topics will include how to develop the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in non-native speakers of any second language and will place an emphasis on incorporating variety and student participation. Possible content (academic) topics will include examples from either art, music, film, dance, history, geography, or science.

Course structure

Topic 1: Getting Started

The idea of language and content teachers remains “a two for one debate.” Both are trained differently and maintain different expert roles in the classroom. We will look at how both kinds of teachers can include inspiring materials to accentuate content from the real world of native speakers into their lessons. We’ll look at how to find materials and how to find out what you should use and/or supplement in your lessons and individual activities if you’re using a course textbook or not.

Topic 2: Reading (input)

This module will focus on the variety of reading texts and activities that language teachers can incorporate and use for different language levels and ages. Text examples will be provided along with activity ideas and formulas. We will also look at two different styles of reading i.e., skimming and scanning and discover why providing learners with comprehension questions is essential.

Topic 3: Writing (output)

This module will focus on a variety of writing activities that can be incorporated into a language learning classroom. Controlled (structured) and free practice activities as well as appropriate activities for all language levels and ages. Handouts will be shared along with ideas for writing letters, personal narratives, story scripts, comics, reviews, journals, poetry, or creative other writing prompts.

Topic 4: Listening (input)

This module will focus on the variety of listening texts and activities that can be incorporated in a language learning for all language levels and ages. Formulas will take the academic subject matter into consideration and we’ll look at the use of authentic materials as examples. These materials will be those that are easily accessible, conducive to learning, and of relevancy to learners and content.

Topic 5: Speaking (output)

This module will focus on the variety of speaking tasks that can be incorporated into a language learning classroom for all language levels and ages. Starting with pre-scripted dialogues to free practice speaking activities in pairs or small groups. We will look at problem-solving, debates, and how to organize and manage active participation from all second or foreign language learners.

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