Cooperative Learning and e-Learning

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Ada Rigacci
Course Type Live Online for groups
Availability On request only
Course category Classroom management
Duration 5 Live Lessons of 60 minutes each
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Discover how cooperative learning can change class dynamics and improve not only learning retention rates but also fun—and therefore minimize classroom management issues—in a face-to-face as well as online setting. During the course you will discover how to make the most of cooperative learning strategies also for online lessons.

The cooperative learning method facilitates students’ autonomy and cooperation, short and long term memory, critical thinking, problem solving skills, self-confidence and motivation. Through the implementation of cooperative learning in their school life, students will get the chance to improve their soft skills, which are crucial for their success in work and personal life. Cooperative learning has also been proven to be very effective to reinforce positive interactions and personal connections, among students and with the teacher.

Webinar recordings and other resources will be available even after you have finished the course.

Course structure

Topic 1: Why cooperative learning?

Discover the Learning Pyramid of average student retention and how to maximize it with cooperative learning. You are going to learn principles and benefits of using cooperative learning structures and the difference with traditional and group work, also regarding online lessons.

Topic 2: Cooperative learning and soft skills

We know that both hard and soft skills will play an important role in our students’ personal and professional life. Instead of teaching soft skills in single lessons, we can have our students train their soft skills everyday using cooperative learning strategies.

Topic 3: Cooperative Learning Structures for Pair Work

You are going to learn simple structures for students to work in pairs in class and online, for generating discussions, lists and for correcting homework. Tips will be provided, to make sure every student is engaged in the activity.

Topic 4: Cooperative Learning Structures for Group Work

You are going to learn simple structures for group work to be implemented in class and online, tips on the ideal size to build groups and what to do to make the most of each activity. Group cooperative learning strategies are excellent tools for team building as well.

Topic 5: The JIGSAW method

Last but not least, you are going to approach probably the most famous cooperative learning strategy, the JIGSAW (puzzle) and its possible uses in class and online- for learning new contents involving peer instruction and for working on a project, making sure to have both positive interdependence and individual accountability.

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