Creative Tech Tools for Online Teaching

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Course description

This course has been designed for educators who need to get familiar with the latest creative educational tech tools. It is for you if you are an educator who is keen on addressing new ways to stimulate your students in the learning process with experiences that emphasize creative content, imagination, and an engaging classroom environment.

The course will teach you how to encourages students and help them develop new skills for synthesizing information in an integrated learning approach.

By the end of the course, participants will develop new skills and abilities, along with effective methods they can apply with students which support a life-skills process, and essential competencies in the digital era.

Course structure

Topic 1: Design a culture of innovation in the classroom

The world of digital culture is certainly one of the most evocative scenarios on which innovative teaching can be developed. It is not, in fact, a change that simply concerns the tools of cultural reworking, but a profound evolutionary process that will gradually involve the same creative capacity as all of us. Supporting innovation as a focus for making better organizations and happier teams, to create cultures of innovation in the classroom, cultures that supports reflection, and real collaboration.

Topic 2: Creative expression in all of us

Creative expression helps children articulate their feelings and thoughts. They think critically about their world and practice visual communication. Also encourage exploration and discovery, in order to promote the taste for the search for new knowledge, it urges pupils to identify problems, to raise questions, to question already developed knowledge, to find appropriate investigation paths, to seek original solutions.

Topic 3: Elevate Engagement

A teacher is considered the lead learner in the classroom. Cultivating an environment where everyone is a “learner, doer, teacher” (Richard Bach) creates a safe space where students feel encouraged to take risks, test out their theories, and drive their own learning, providing students with opportunities to think, to fail, to try again, and to succeed.

Topic 4: Foster Divergent Thinking

The development of pupils’ creative potential are central themes for contemporary pedagogy. Today, the school finds its mission in training children to life, it must equip them with the means and tools they will need to face the future, helping them to develop skills and competences to face the challenges of the current world.

Topic 5: Inspiring Students

Teachers have many jobs. Two of the most important duties are to educate and encourage. The best teachers usually have one thing in common. Students often say that their best teachers were ones who inspired them. There are several ways to inspire your students. You can find lots of methods to make your classroom more exciting.

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