How to Prevent Online Bullying (Cyberbullying)

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Levente Batár
Course Type Live Online for groups
Availability On request only
Course category Classroom management
Duration 5 Live Lessons of 60 minutes each
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Cyberbullying may unfortunately occur at anytime in the life of a student, possibly affecting their mental and physical health as well as their academic performance, and in the worst scenarios, leading to leaving school early.

This course aims to show to parents, students, and teachers the different possibilities of prevention and intervention of online bullying.

By the end of the course, those involved with education will be able to resolve conflicts, deal with bullies, help victims, develop team spirit, and create an accepting and calming school atmosphere. They will also become familiar with different school-based bullying prevention and intervention programs.

Course structure

Topic 1: Types and Impact of cyberbullying

We start with types and signs of cyberbullying and with the individual and group roles found in bullying situations. Then we will discuss the potential dangers of using the Internet. The goal is to encourage proper and appropriate online behavior. In the end, we will outline the impact of cyberbullying on victims, bullies, bystanders, families, and school communities.

Topic 2: Prevention & Intervention – What schools can do

By creating a common website, organizing an “Anti-Bullying Day” and starting school campaigns or projects schools can maintain awareness of bullying. However, institutions can (and have to) do more.  Effective school-based bullying prevention and intervention programs will also be explored and discussed.

Topic 3: Prevention & Intervention – What school staff can do

In this session, we’ll focus on what school staff (headmasters, teachers, psychologists etc.) can do to reduce the frequency and extent of aggression at school and discuss how positive relationships can be built in the classroom. In addition, the focus will be on creating and integrating a relaxed school atmosphere, where cooperative vs. competitive classrooms becomes the norm. Surveys will also be taken and the results will be examined.

Topic 4: Prevention & Intervention – What school staff can do

As in the previous meeting, we will focus on what school staff (headmasters, teachers, psychologists etc.) can do to combat bullying by providing sensitivity training, encouraging students to face problems, applying conflict management strategies, and developing a team spirit, by incorporating educational platforms and drama techniques.

Topic 5: Prevention & Intervention – What parents can do

In this last lesson, we will explore ways in which parents can help their children fight against cyberbullying: teach them about Internet safety, tolerance, and diversity. The result will lead to improving children’s empathy and self-confidence.

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