Digital Tools to Engage your Students

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Carolina Castro
Course Type Live Online for groups
Availability On request only
Course category Online teaching
Duration 5 Live Lessons of 90 minutes each
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Many teachers struggle to make their online teaching as engaging as their face-to-face lessons. Luckily, there are many digital tools and apps out there that can ease the transition to online teaching. These programs are specifically designed to motivate your students to interact with the lesson content, their peers and the world. Facilitating subject matter content is very straightforward with these tools and requires very little computer skill expertise. It will also save you time and will help you monitor student progress in a more personalized way.

During this online live course, you will try out various online tools and engage in discussions about how to implement them in class. By the end of this course, you will have strengthened your multimedia creation skills. You will be able to use several digital tools that solve common issues that arise when students work collaboratively. You will enjoy gamifying your classes, making your presentations more engaging, and creating interactive video lessons and quizzes.

Course structure

Topic 1: Re-engage your audience

Who said presentations are boring? Explore tools to bring your presentations to life. This week you will create a short interactive presentation for your class.

Topic 2: Boost students’ collaboration

Explore the best tools for facilitating collaboration among your students. Learn how to avoid common issues like lack of communication, uneven accountability, and inability to distribute tasks. In this week’s challenge, you will try to solve a collaborative activity case scenario.

Topic 3: It’s a multimedia world!

Discover simple tools to create your audio-visual educational materials. For the week’s challenge, you will either create a playlist of videos on YouTube or your own video to share with your students.

Topic 4: Interactivity is king

You will learn how to create interactive video lessons with videos that you can find online. For your weekly challenge, you will create a short interactive audio-visual activity for your class.

Topic 5: Gamify your class

Transform learning into an interesting game with challenges, quizzes, and instant rewards for your students. For the week’s challenge, you will create a lesson plan using gamification principles.

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