The Flipped Classroom Approach

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Iacopo Falciani
Course Category Classroom management
Duration Approx. 6 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

The Flipped Classroom is a way of teaching that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Teachers can easily understand the benefits of such a method and see immediate improvements in their students.

The method is based on a different use of the teaching-learning time. It allows teachers to have more in class-time that can be spent doing all those extremely beneficial activities that normally are excluded in the traditional way of teaching. Activities where students are at the center of their learning, where they can work on practical tasks and projects, where they gain a sense of responsibility and motivation, and where the teacher is not pulling but guiding them towards the goal.

In this course, participants will be introduced to the “Flipped” theory, will improve their ICT skills, and will discover how to plan, create and apply a flipped lesson, with practical material and supporting examples throughout the course.

Whether you are a primary or secondary school teacher, whether your subject is P.E., math or language, you will find in the Flipped Classroom a great easy-to-use tool that will change your way of teaching, with positive results for you and your students.

Course structure

Topic 1: What’s a Flipped Classroom

Knowing the theory behind the Flipped Classroom: what it is, how it was born, which are the principles on which it is based. Knowing its pros and cons.

Topic 2: At home

How to manage the first part of the Flipped Classroom. ICT tools; safeguards; educational videos and video lessons; how to tackle the most common problems.

 Topic 3: In-class

How to manage the second part of the Flipped Classroom. Ideas for practical in-class activities; how to tackle the most common problems.

Topic 4: Let’s create

Guide for the planning and designing of a flipped lesson.

Topic 5: Flexible methodology

Presenting interesting alternatives to the “classic” Flipped Classroom model and some practical tips when it comes to flip your class.