Flip your Online Lesson

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The flipped classroom has been defined as a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of the course are reversed. Students study some basic contents before class, and the increased class time is used as an opportunity to deal with mixed levels, students difficulties, and differentiated learning styles.

Flipped classroom is not only an innovative method to make the most of in class time; it is also particularly suitable for online lessons. Students are exposed to content before the online session, which can be used for discussion and debate, to boost both engagement and learning retention.

This webinar will consist of five lessons, one lesson per week in the Standard version, one lesson per day in the Intensive version. Webinar recordings and other resources will be available even after you have finished the course.

Topic 1. The flipped classroom

Discover the flipped classroom methodology, its variants and some strategies to use it for online lessons. You are going to understand the benefits of the flipped classroom, comparing learning activities and goals with the Bloom’s taxonomy.

Topic 2. Different learning styles

You will get an insight into the different learning styles: visual, auditory, read/write and kinesthetic. Explore the possibilities of differentiated instruction offered by the flipped classroom and learn how to supply learning material for the different learning styles of your students.

Topic 3. Online tools for flipped classroom

Learn the best available online tools to flip your classroom, to share materials with your students, and to check their preparation before class activities.

Topic 4. Video resources for flipped classroom

Learn some tips to record your own video or to choose from online resources. You are going to learn how you and your students can use a free online tool to record material for your own lesson.

Topic 5. Active learning in class and online

Discover the most effective benefit of the flipped classroom: the time you gain, to engage your students in deeper and active learning.

Additional information

Duration5 Live Lessons of 60 minutes each
Starting Dates12/10, 6/11, 4/1
ScheduleLessons will be held every Monday at 18:00 (CEST)
On-demandPart of a group? Contact us; this course is available at any time upon request.
RecordingsIf you will miss one live streaming don’t worry! You can catch up by watching the recordings whenever you prefer.
CertificateCertificate of Attendance
Teacher TrainerAda Rigacci