Creating a Gender-Inclusive Classroom

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As teachers, we have the power to give each student the best chances for their future, However, what happens if students are affected by gender stereotypes? This can lead students down a narrow path which can lead to anger, depression and various other issues around their wellbeing.

In this course, we will look at how

  • Gender stereotypes shape students through their childhood
  • To recognize the gender stereotypes that occur in school and the effects they can have on students.
  • How teachers may affect students with our unconscious bias.

We will also look at practical methods on how to deal with gender stereotypes when they occur in the classroom and how to create meaningful lessons dealing with gender that would allow critical thinking around this topic.

Course structure

Topic 1: The Influence of Gender Stereotypes Before the School Years

We will briefly look at how gender stereotypes have been pushed on our students from an early age to show how important for us to deal with these stereotypes in the classroom

Topic 2: Gender Roles and their Effects

As we now understand how gender is forced on us through society, we will look at the detrimental effects it can have on boys and girls during the school years.

Topic 3: Teacher’s Role

How do we begin tackling sexism and gender stereotypes in our school? We will look at what the first steps need to be when conquering these issues. We look at how teachers may not realize how to deal with boys and girls and the effects it can have on them. A look at how our unconscious bias and how we can create a better environment for our students is also covered.

Topic 4: How to Teach

As teachers, we are often don’t know how to deal with issues dealing with gender. We will look at how to deal with these issues and also how to create meaningful lessons that will allow students to reflect and understand their own behavior. I will also show what type of pedagogy is best needed when tackling gender education and how to create meaningful projects on this topic.

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📍 Language: English
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