Inclusive Education: The Fundamentals

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Dimitris Zisimopoulos
Course Category Classroom management
Duration Approx. 4 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

This self-paced online three-module course has been tailored for teachers dealing with classroom diversity and disadvantaged learners, including those with special educational needs. Successful inclusive education happens primarily through accepting, understanding, and attending to students’ differences. As teachers, we often face challenges in providing a welcoming and supportive educational environment for all learners.

This course promotes inclusive education as an effective approach for creating an environment where learning is accessible to all learners in the community, regardless of their diverse needs or abilities.

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected, through a range of activities, to:

  • Define inclusion, diversity and its underpinning concepts equality and equity
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relevant, fundamental legislation and regulation in regard to the development of inclusive educational contexts
  • Reflect on and identify the common barriers to participation and learning arising within schools emphasizing on their own school context
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between Segregation, Integration, and Inclusive Education.

Course Structure

Topic 1: Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (3 activities)

In this module, you will approach the complex concept of inclusion, a principled approach aiming at the development of education and society through active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity. You will have also, the opportunity to reflect on and clarify the difference between the concepts of “equality” and “equity”.

Topic 2: Inclusive Education (3 activities)

This module focuses on inclusive education and how it is related to meeting the needs of all students, not just those students who receive special education services. You will learn the basic values of inclusive education, as a prerequisite framework that leads to related action aiming at the inclusive development of school contexts.

Topic 3: Segregation, Integration, and Inclusive Education (4 activities)

In this module, you will learn to define the differences between segregation (special education), integration and inclusive education and therefore to understand the process of inclusion. You will learn to identify the barriers to inclusive education with respect to your own school as the first step to ensure participation, learning and achievement for all your students.