Comedy and Humor

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Duration 15 hours

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The ‘Learning Out Loud’ Erasmus+ project has produced a MOOC about humor for teachers and trainers who want to introduce comedy and stand-up methods into their classrooms. The course includes videos, interactive resources, and references for further exploration, to provide educators with the right tools to make their lessons more fun and engaging for their students.


History of Humor and Comedy

1 – Basic “Joke” Structure
2 – A Brief Theory of “Funny” From Aristotle to Contemporary Studies
3 – Comedy Classics

The Stand-up and Contemporary Comedy

4 – The Origins of Stand Up Comedy
5 – The Evolution of Stand Up and the Controversies
6 – Contemporary Comedy and the Cultural Impact

The Audience

7 – Time Management and Engagement

Humor in Everyday Life

8 – How Does Humor Engage Our Brain and Attention?
9 – Comedy in Advertising
10 – Social Media and Meme Humor
11 – The Dark Side of Jokes – Boundaries in Different Contexts

Humor Techniques

12 – How to Integrate Jokes and Humor in an Educational Setting
13 – Improv Techniques and How to React to Your Audience

Practical Exercises on Humor and Comedy Writing

14 – Make Your Audience LOL
15 – Becoming the Author of Your Favorite Comedy Show