The Best Web Apps for Educational Quizzes

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Iacopo Falciani
Course Category Online teaching
Duration Approx. 5 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

The Online Quiz (OQ) is an easy-to-make, ready-to-use tool for online learning, great for adding variety to your lessons.

The OQ can be designed for students of any age, from kindergarten to higher and vocational education.

This online course offers practical advice for designing Online Quizzes (OQs) for education, with an overview of free Web Apps (WAs) and software available online.

Learn to create engaging and effective quizzes to test your students’ comprehension and to keep them motivated.

This self-paced online course requires only a basic understanding of Information Technologies, for teachers looking to enhance their online teaching.

Course structure

Topic 1: Before starting:

Introductory information:

1.1. Welcome to the course
1.2. Important information
1.3. Common terms
1.4. FAQs
1.5. About the author
1.6. Forum

Topic 2: Best Web Apps in education:

A brief introduction to the 4 best Web Apps. Discover their main features and start to familiarize yourself with each of them.

2.1. Kahoot
2.2. Quizizz
2.3. Quizlet
2.4. Plickers
2.5. Recap quiz

Topic 3: Deconstructing an Online Quiz:

Analyze different components of 4 WAs. Choose the WA that is best suited for your specific OQ.

3.1. What do we need to create a great OQ?
3.2.1. How many WAs to use in the classroom?
3.2.2. Teacher’s choice or student’s choice?
3.2.3. Comparing and contrasting different WAs
3.3.1. Technical aspects
3.3.2. Technical aspects: recap

Topic 4: Let’s make a quiz:

Create OQs selecting the WA that is best for your classroom and following a step-by-step tutorial.