Free Online Tools to Boost your Teaching

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Robert Schwamborn
Course Type Live Online for groups
Availability On request only
Course category Online teaching
Duration 5 Live Lessons of 75 minutes each + 5 hours of homework
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Suggested computer proficiency: BASIC TO INTERMEDIATE

Course description

Get to know some of the most effective online tools for education. Discover how teaching remotely can be transformed into an immersive and engaging experience. Educational apps and programs offer new ways for students to interact with the lesson material, their peers, and you online!

During this course, you will be introduced to a selection of the best educational programs and Apps that are accessible online for free. You will be shown how to use these tools to quickly create interactive content tailored to your class. Moreover, you will get to know when and how to best apply these Apps and programs in the class.

This webinar consists of 5 lessons, one lesson per week in the Standard version, one lesson per day in the Intensive version. Webinar recordings and other resources will be available even after you have finished the course.

Course structure

Topic 1: Online platforms for education

Discover easy-to-use online platforms that enable online conversations via social-media like posts, that allow for uncomplicated sharing of lesson materials and that help you create and track assignments. You will also get some advice on how to make these platforms even more engaging than what they already are.

Topic 2: Online tools for interactive presentations

Transform your presentation into an interactive learning experience! You will learn how to add quizzes and exercises to your existing presentations to better engage your students. Gathering responses from them will also help you assess how well they are understanding the presentation’s content. The tools presented work for both in-class and remote teaching.

Topic 3: Online tools for interactive videos

There are tons of free videos available online that can be used as great supportive material for your lessons. In this session, you will learn how to find and edit videos, adding quiz questions and comments to make them truly interactive. Moreover, you will learn how you can monitor your student’s viewing rates of the video. You will also receive useful advice on how to best employ videos in your lessons.

Topic 4: Online quizzes and game-based learning

Students don’t like tests, but they will love yours when you are using one of the many online quizzes and games! Programs presented in this session are designed to make answering questions fun. There are lots of them available with different features, learn which one fits best for your purposes!

Topic 5: Collaborating online

How can students work together, even when not sitting together in class? During this session, you will be introduced to a number of programs that allow for students to work together, evaluate their peer’s contributions, and for you to assess the individual contributions.

Please note: course content partially overlaps with the face-to-face courses “There is an App for that” and “Tablets and Smartphones

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