Mastering SEL: Social and Emotional Learning

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Carolina Castro
Course Type Self-Paced
Availability Coming soon
Course category Classroom management, Creativity and soft skills
Duration Approx. 5 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Young people need support to mature both socially and emotionally. Often, the struggling students in your class need more help building their social and emotional skills than with the lesson material. Social and Emotional learning can be the gateway to a more rewarding teaching experience.

During this course, you will study the best practices of how to create a safe environment, how to provide opportunities for connections and deepen existing relationships. You will get to know how schools can adapt their teaching during the pandemic and afterward using Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies. You will also learn and practice techniques to focus your mind and to calm down. This self-paced course includes many curated resources about SEL for you to apply.

At the end of the course, you will be able to foster the emotional and social growth of your students and to create a more harmonious classroom atmosphere. You will also be able to apply a range of techniques and strategies to strengthen your mental well-being and that of your students.

Course structure

Topic 1: What is SEL?

Learn what SEL is about, its origins, models and techniques. Understand the benefits and challenges of teaching SEL. Get to know the 5 SEL Competencies-model and other examples of good SEL practice.

Topic 2: Fostering relationships

Explore SEL techniques to boost relationship building and social awareness skills. Use SEL to create a better classroom atmosphere.

Topic 3: Reconnect and restore

Learn about the methods and tools that enable colleagues and students to reconnect and restore positive relationships.

Topic 4: A safe space for your students

Learn how to implement a system of support that reinforces the students’ social and emotional development. Create an inclusive environment in which every student can thrive.

Topic 5: Involving the whole school

Explore how a whole-school approach of SEL would look like. Learn how to create a community setting that serves the social and emotional needs of all school members.

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