How to Manage Teacher Stress

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Teacher Trainer Susan Gagliano
Course Type Live Online for groups
Availability On request only
Course category Classroom management
Duration 5 Live Lessons of 60 minutes each
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Some of the greatest enemies of teacher well-being are the Four P’s: perfectionism, performance anxiety, procrastination, pessimism. The year 2020 has exacerbated these tendencies as educators needed to make overnight changes in every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

The greater demands on teachers due to remote learning, face-to-face learning, or a combination of both, have upset the delicate work/life balance teachers already struggle to maintain. How to Manage Teacher Stress is for educators who need to acquire — or remember — better skills and strategies for their resilience, coping, and overall well-being.

Through a greater understanding of the Four P’s as sources of stress and how to work with them, participants will create a personalized strategy, combining physical, emotional, and practical activities to manage their time better, adjust their mindset and take better care of themselves.

Course structure

Topic 1: Perfectionism: the obstacles it throws in our way and tips for taming it

Participants will get a better understanding of what perfectionism truly is and how it manifests itself. The lesson will focus on self-reflection and practical strategies to work with perfectionist tendencies without letting them interfere or even paralyze you in moving forward towards your goals.

Topic 2: Performance Anxiety: the emotions that take over and how to work with and modify them

While a certain degree of anxiety and stress may keep us motivated, too much can generate negative self-talk, brain fog, and physical discomfort which all get in the way of truly performing the way we desire. Participants will learn to recognize the signals and experience effective ways to use that adrenaline wisely!

Topic 3: Procrastination: the harm to self-esteem and strategies for improved time management

The mind uses all kinds of tricks to help us avoid discomfort, which then creates other forms of stress, like negative self-talk and self-regard. We will explore why we procrastinate and how to work with this tendency, exploring time management strategies that can help modify thoughts and behaviors.

Topic 4: Pessimism: the mindset that traps you, and realistic ideas on breaking free

We will reflect on the effects of pessimism on our stress levels and how to work with it. By understanding how to find that balance between pessimism and realism, participants can feel empowered to make choices that generate a greater sense of well-being and yes, optimism.

Topic 5: Developing your strategy for greater well-being

Participants will reflect on the practices and activities experienced in the course, sharing and comparing their effectiveness while building on them. Each member of the course will devise their own personalized strategy for stress relief that will pass what I call the 3S test: steps that are Small, Specific and Sustainable, for lasting change.

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