Web Tools for Teachers: Tricks and Treats of e-Learning

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Course description

Technology is important in nowadays education but… How can I manage it as a teacher? I don’t have the skills, nor I have time to learn about complicated platforms! 

If you do not always feel at ease with online tools, this course may be for you! It will help you discover that technology can be something easy to handle. We’ll walk you through a selection of some of the easiest, free and most efficient web tools which educators can use to sustain distance learning, in the best possible way with the least waste of time and effort.

Please note: course contents partially overlap with the face-to-face courses in the ICT category.

Course structure

Topic 1: Virtual Classes: Edmodo

Edmodo: an intuitive and user-friendly virtual space, where students and teachers can be part of forums, share opinions in polls, collect materials, post audiovisuals and comment on them, keep track of progress via assignments… and much more, all through an easy interface!

Topic 2: Tools for Online Quizzes: Kahoot

This lesson will deal with Kahoot, which has become one of the most famous ICT solutions for teachers, and one of the most loved by students. It enables you to create exciting online quizzes in which students can compete with each other or test themselves, and have a fun learning experience. 

Topic 3: Tools for Online Quizzes: Socrative

We will compare Kahoot with Socrative and explore pros and cons of both these spaces for the completion of fun educational activities. You will discover Socrative’s different delivery methods and you’ll be able to choose the one that best fits your learning goals, for both classroom activities and homework. 

Topic 4: Studystack to support memorization 

This lesson walks you through the discovery of how to create and/or share personalized materials that students can use for the memorization of contents such as vocabulary, formulas and definitions, characters, authors, titles, dates and much more.

Topic 5: Using educational Videos on EdPuzzle 

If you believe in the potential of audiovisual materials, you will probably fall in love with EdPuzzle. It is a virtual space that enables you to add comments or embed quizzes and questions on videos.There, you can also check if students have actually watched the videos you assigned! On this platform edited videos can become a meaningful and flexible learning experience.

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