21st Century Skills for Teachers

The 4Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking🧐

This live streaming is the introduction to Susan’s online course on the 4Cs, you can find more information on the course here.

Positive Education😀

In this Europass Talk, we explore the new educational paradigm: Positive education, inspired by Positive Psychology and Mindfulness practice.

We explore a couple of Models that are used to educate with positive psychology, such as the PERMA Model by Martin Seligman or the 24 VIA Character Strengths, to stimulate a positive school environment, where we all do good and feel good!

This Talk is the introduction to Marta’s course: “Wellbeing in Schools: Positive Education and Mindfulness

Collaboration, Motivation, and Evaluation 😎

In this Talk, we share the joys and the sorrows about being teachers: trying to understand more about motivation in learning and exploring why, sometimes, it seems missing.
We mention the importance of giving relevance to the topics we teach, proposing collaborative tasks, and making the evaluation process more meaningful for students. Most of the difficulties regarding the teacher’s role are not just brought about today, in Covid-19 time, by the need of providing online lessons… they have actually been there from the dawn of time.

This live stream is the introductive Talk to Ilaria’s course, you can discover more about it and register here.

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