Erasmus+ KA1 (and Covid-19) Updates

Erasmus Accreditation > 7 years of mobility projects

Are you planning any form of international mobility for your school in the next 7 years? Then you should know that the Erasmus+ programme is preparing a new path to mobility within the European Union, the Erasmus Accreditation!

Accredited organizations will receive reliable and stable financial support to integrate, within their own structure and activities, mobility opportunities for staff and learners, every year for the whole length of the new program. 

No previous experience with the Erasmus programme is required. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing your application today!

Schools Reopening / Traveling in Europe 🌍 (Erasmus+ KA1 Covid update)

In this talk, we discuss:

✔️ Schools reopening (July/August): Teacher’s courses in Florence, Barcelona, Berlin, Tenerife, Dublin and more;
✔️ Traveling in Europe this summer;
✔️ Which face-to-face courses are still confirmed;
✔️ New Online courses offered in Spanish and in Italian
✔️ Our new German school in Berlin
✔️ Our Online courses offer (which will still be included in the price of each Face to Face courses booked).

Some useful links:

✔️Schengen travel policies
✔️Our courses calendar
✔️Our online courses (in Spanish and in Italian too!):

How Erasmus+ KA1 will change? 🌍

Teachers and schools are facing new challenges in times of COVID 19, and the same applies to Erasmus Plus programmes. How long school closures and International Mobility restrictions are going to last? What can we do in the meantime?

With our founder and school director, David Baroni 

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