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Our YouTube channel is all about helping you discover and master new programs and software to use in your classroom.

There, you will find free online lessons for teachers, including:


One of the best quiz programs for schools. If you think you don’t have time to prepare a quiz, check out how to browse and use existing ones!

In our Online course, published on YouTube, you will have the opportunity to see the entire process of finding and taking a quiz, and downloading the result. With Quizziz you can introduce in your lesson some fun while sticking to your curriculum; and remember: a quiz is always a great plan B for your lessons!

Videos: 5 Watching time: 12 mins.


This is a program where you can create collaboration spaces. Similar to Padlet but technically more developed, on Trello you can collaborate with your students but also create a board just for teachers where you can communicate with one another and share material. See the main feature of Trello and how you can use it in the classroom with your students or privately to organize your resources or to plan your school schedule.

One of the best tools on the market for managing projects and collaborating with stakeholders.

Videos: 16 Watching time: 15 mins.


Probably the most famous educational program for creating flashcards; extremely useful for languages, but also for other subjects! On Quizlet you can create entire sets of flashcards in just a few minutes, or organize different types of games.
Learn how to use the quiz live mode – one of the most engaging and effective collaborative quizzes available for free on the web.

Videos: 16 Watching time: 25 mins.


Everybody knows PowerPoint, but very few know how to use it for the classroom in an effective way. Learn how to make your presentation interactive and engaging, inserting buttons and effects, how to connect your slides with just one click and create a storyboard where students can navigate without getting lost.  In simple steps, you will be able to convert your presentation into an interactive mind map.

Videos: 5 Watching time: 13 mins.


DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editor; if you become an expert in using this program and you have a good camera, you can make a real movie; learn how to change any little aspect of your videos, from the colors to transitions and special sound effects.

If it is your first time using a program like this, you will surely appreciate the help of these 20 videos. Step by step you will learn the basic tools necessary for making great videos.

Videos: 20 Watching time: 28 mins.


This is a wonderful and user-friendly program for managing your classes and engaging your students. Create a virtual classroom and share educational material or even entire lessons. OneNote compiles users’ notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. With these detailed short videos, you will learn how to use all the best features of this program and you will seriously consider making OneNote the main program for your daily teaching.

Videos: 32 Watching time: 32 mins.


One of the best programs for creating online video lessons and interactive educational videos. Learn how to upload your video from the web or from your own device; discover how to insert questions into the video, or to directly add your voice in order to explain the scenes. Build your class or import it from Google Classroom and check the live progress of your students. Clearly organized and multi-faceted, EdPuzzle, is a great tool for flipped classroom and distance learning.

Videos: 22 Watching time: 32 mins.


One of the best quiz creator programs you can find online. Making your own quiz has never been so easy! Choose from different types of quizzes (whether for homework or classwork), invite students to take quizzes online, and download results with ease.

Socrative is also available in the app version for smartphones (both iOS and Android), with two different apps, one for teachers and one for students.

Videos: 16 Watching time: 23 mins.


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a desktop program that you can use to make quick and easy videos. Convert presentations, PDFs, word files, web pages into educational videos (MP4) to share with your students.

This program may seem a bit complicated for first-time users, but with these short and clear tutorials, you’ll learn how to navigate its features so that you can start creating your own video-lessons in no time!

Videos: 11 Watching time: 17 mins.

Lyrics Training

Use this fun and interactive program to teach language through song! Add the song of your choice, personalize the “fill in the blank” exercise by removing words with just one click, or print the lyrics.

Select the language you want to practice, select the song, the number of missing words, and start playing the “fill the gap” exercise to test your listening skills.

Videos: 8 Watching time: 17 mins.
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