Discounts for Groups on Our Online Course

Live online courses for groups

We currently offer several live courses (5 hours each) in our online catalog.

Some of these courses are only available for groups, while others are offered regularly to individual teachers.

Whether you have already seen something that interested you and your colleagues or you would like to ask us to design a course tailored to your needs, please feel free to contact us.

Live online courses for groups specifics

Course specifics such as schedule or number of lecture hours can be modified upon request. Otherwise, all online courses involve the following:


Recordings are always available within 6 hours from the live stream and remain available up to two weeks after the end of the course.
So don’t worry if not everyone can attend the streaming at the scheduled time, because they can catch up by watching the recordings on their own time.

Certificate of attendance

Each participant will be granted a certificate of attendance after the successful completion of the course.

Self-paced courses for groups

We currently offer several Self-paced online courses in our catalog, such as:

It’s either possible to book the same course for more participants (lowering the unitary price) or book a learning path across several courses.

If you would like to discover more about the prices please feel free to contact us.

Coaching and Counseling: the “Online Happiness Desk”

Our Happiness Desk offers support, guidance, and structure for educators who are seeking greater well-being and satisfaction in their personal and professional life.

Online Coaching & Counseling for groups are available on-demand, you can learn more about our service on the Happiness Desk’s page.

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