About us

Europass Teacher Academy Online offers online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for school teachers and education professionals. The online academy is an offshoot of Europass Teacher Academy, the largest provider of face-to-face teacher training courses in Europe, with headquarters in Florence and schools in Barcelona, Athens, Dublin, Berlin, and other locations around Europe. Europass Teacher Academy Online is a pioneer of e-learning for teachers seeking to strengthen their skills and collaborate with international professionals working in the education field.

At Europass, we firmly believe in the power of education to create healthier communities. We are dedicated to promoting the personal and professional development of school teachers, so that they can better serve students of diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities. The Teacher Academy Online is a proud host of online dialogue, networking, and exchange for educators from around the world.

Over 12.000 teachers trained per year

Europass has trained over 12.000 teachers, administrators, and support staff over the last year. Our courses involve hands-on, collaborative activities, providing participants with the opportunity to establish professional contacts, start new projects, and form lifelong friendships.

Experts in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Teachers

Our experienced, dynamic, and personable instructors have grown up in the Erasmus generation and find great fulfillment in working with people from all over Europe and beyond. Our high-quality, innovative courses foster human and professional connections among educators of diverse experiences and backgrounds, encouraging meaningful collaboration and fruitful exchanges.

Broad range of topics

Our online courses cover subjects including technology, arts, and well-being, to train educators in 21st-century teaching skills. Today’s educators are facing unprecedented challenges as well as incredible opportunities. Our courses keep teachers up-to-date, adaptable, and motivated.

Helpful, flexible, trustworthy

Enrollment in our online courses is quick and easy. If you have any questions, our administrative team is ready to assist you. You can complete the contact form on our website, or write us an email. We do our best to answer all messages within 24 hours, and we make every effort to meet your requests and needs.

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