About us

Europass Teacher Academy Online is the new provider of online training for school teachers, originating from the long-term experience of Europass Teacher Academy as a provider of face-to-face courses in the headquarters in Florence as well as many other locations in Europe, such as Barcelona, Athens, Dublin, Berlin, Verona, Tenerife, and many others).

At Europass, we firmly believe we can make the world a better place to live in by increasing people’s education, awareness, and wellbeing. School teachers are the main actors of such change, and we constantly apply ourselves to sustain and promote their personal and professional development. We work every day to make our Teacher Academy the favored place of online encounter, dialogue, exchange, and growth for all our users.

Over 15.000 satisfied educators

We have trained over 15.000 teachers, administrators and support staff over the last 10 years! Thanks to the hands-on, collaborative nature of our courses, participants have found plenty of opportunities to make new contacts and friends, often giving way to new projects and lifelong friendships.

Teacher training experts, European enthusiasts

Our highly qualified and dynamic instructors motivated by fostering human and professional connections among educators of diverse experiences and backgrounds, encouraging meaningful collaboration and fruitful exchanges, all while delivering high-quality, innovative courses.

Broad range of topics

Our online selection includes some of the most successful courses that made our training network so re-known, and we are frantically working to increase their number!

Our courses are geared toward innovation, well-being, and the arts, improved school environments, with a constant focus on 21st-century teaching skills. Today’s educators are facing unprecedented challenges as well as incredible opportunities, and our courses help keep them up-to-date, adaptable, and motivated.

Helpful, flexible, trustworthy

You may enroll easily online in our courses. If you have any questions, our administrative team will be ready to assist you soon after you contact us.

After our confirmation, the course is guaranteed

No unpleasant surprises with Europass! Course sessions are confirmed only when we have reached the minimum number of participants. This means that when we will confirm the course, you can be 100% sure that your course will be held.

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