01 – Application and Payments

How can I apply?

You can apply very easily on our website, directly on the course page. Some of the courses are not confirmed yet, in that case, we ask you to complete a pre-registration, instead of registering directly to the course. You will have not to pay anything to pre-register. As soon as we will confirm the course, we will ask you to proceed to the course payment.

How can I pay?

Once the course has already been confirmed, you can proceed to the checkout from your Cart (https://online.teacheracademy.eu/all-courses/cart/) and then pay with PayPal, a debit card, or a credit card.

If a course hasn’t been confirmed yet, we ask you to complete the registration, and the payment will remain on hold (held by PayPal, not by us). If the course will be confirmed we will claim the money and you will immediately receive the course credentials. If the course will not be confirmed you will be refunded.

Can I take an online course, instead of participating in an on-site Erasmus mobility project?

Yes, check out more information about the online Erasmus courses.

I enrolled in an online live course but the course was not confirmed. Can I have the enrollment money back?

Yes, absolutely. After the enrollment, Europass SRL does not charge directly to the buyer the amount of the course, which is withheld by PayPal instead  If a course is not confirmed, Europass SRL will unlock PayPal’s withholding, and the amount paid by the buyer will be refunded on her or his bank account or credit card. 

02 – Courses Information

When will the course start?

The starting date of each course and the schedule are indicated in each course webpage, on the right column “additional information”.

What happens if I can’t attend a class?

All the lectures will be recorded. Registrations are always available within 4 hours from the live stream and remain available up to two weeks after the end of the course.
So you don’t have to worry if you can’t attend the streaming at the right schedule, you can catch up by watching the recordings whenever you prefer.

Could I use Zoom, Cisco webex, Skype or Google hangouts for the course?

No, all our courses take place on our e-learning platform. So you will not need to use any external program. You will get access to the platform by registering for the online course on our website.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the Online Course?

At the end of the Online course, you will get an Europass Teacher Academy Certificate of Attendance.

03 – Other Languages

Is it only in English or other languages?

Some of our courses are also available in Spanish and Italian. You can see the full list of courses in Spanish here, and in Italian here.

Is it possible to organize a course in a language different from English, Spanish and Italian?

Yes, but only for groups of teachers. Contact us to verify if we have a trainer available to cover the topic you are interested in, in the language you prefer.

Do you offer language courses?

Yes, we offer an English course dedicated specifically to teachers. Other languages may be offered on request. If you are a coordinator of a group of teachers, contact us, and we will design a course for you.

04 – How to use the platform

How to login to the course?

If you have booked the course through our website, go to My account and then click on My courses. There you will find the link to access to the courses you have booked.

If your course has been booked by your headteacher, go to the Login page on our platform.

How can I access my live online course?

How can I navigate a self-paced online course?

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