Introduction to the 4Cs

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Susan Gagliano
Course Type Self-paced
Availability Available now
Course category Arts and wellbeing, Creativity and soft skills
Duration 4 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Knowing how to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically are skills that are incredibly high in demand in today’s fast-changing world and workplace. How can you cover all your curriculum, while enhancing and encouraging the 4Cs every day?

This self-paced course explains the core concepts behind each of the 4Cs, and how to incorporate them in activities and assignments that excite and engage your learners. By opening up your own thinking, you’ll discover how easy it is to sprinkle the 4Cs in little and big ways, without sacrificing precious time needed for course content.

Whether you need a confidence boost in getting started with the 4Cs, or just update your toolbox, this course provides plenty of practical ideas that can be adapted to any age or subject.

Course structure


1.1 Preparing the 4Cs Mindset

Activity: Share on our 4Cs Padlet under Module 1


2.1 Intro to Communication in the Classroom
2.2 More than Talking
2.3 The Emotions of Communication
2.4 Say it straight! Effective Communication examples

Activity: Share on our 4Cs Padlet under Module 2


3.1 Intro to Collaboration in the Classroom
3.2 Shift your Mindset!
3.3 Collaborating Smart

Activity: Share on our 4Cs Padlet under Module 3


4.1 Intro to Creativity in the Classroom
4.2 You too are Creative
4.3 Phases (and Myths) of the Creative Process

Activity: Share on our 4Cs Padlet under Module 4

Critical Thinking

5.1 Intro to Critical Thinking in the Classroom
5.2 Thinking about Thoughts
5.3 Use your Head!

Activity: Share on our 4Cs Padlet under Module 5