Teaching Languages with the 4Cs

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Teacher Trainer Wayne Finley
Course Category Arts and wellbeing, Creativity and soft skills
Duration 5-6 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Bring your language classroom into the 21st Century with the 4Cs: critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration. Skills that lead to higher levels of student engagement, deeper learning, and satisfaction that everything you do in the classroom has real-world benefits. Learn why so many language educators are passionate about teaching 21st Century skills.

The 4Cs can be woven into lessons for learners of any age, level, or even subject. The underlying principles apply to all teaching contexts.
In this course, the main focus will be on language education.

Critical Thinking

The modern world requires students to assess and evaluate everything they see. Whether that’s news coming into their social media feeds or advertisements they see flashing on their mobile screens, students need the skills to judge information accurately.

Creative Thinking

There has never been such a time in human history that required everyone to be creative. Students require the skills to generate new ideas and innovate old ones. The modern world is a hub of creativity and students must be prepared for it.


Skills in all areas of communication have never been more important. Employees in every field now require advanced skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.


The days of independent staff never talking to their coworkers are over. The modern workplace requires constant teamwork and collaboration. Students must develop the skills to work effectively with others in pursuit of a common goal.

Master the 4Cs at your own pace throughout this 4.5-hour online course that will inspire you to become the best teacher you can be and prepare your students for the 21st Century.

Course structure

1. Introduction to the course

1.1 Boring Class
1.2 Boring Class 2
1.3 Interesting Teacher
1.4 Definition

Intro Worksheet

2. Critical Thinking

2.1 Meaning of life: Dilemma
2.2 Dilemma solved
2.3 Questions
2.4 Pictures
2.5 Videos
2.6 Discussion Topics
2.7 Games
2.8 Journals
2.9 Critical Thinking Activity

Critical Thinking Worksheets

3. Creative Thinking

3.1 Torrance Test
3.2 Creative-Design Activities
3.3 Prompts
3.4 Invention Activity

Creative Thinking Worksheets

4. Communication

4.1 Reading Intro
4.2 Reading PDP
4.3 Writing
4.4 Speaking
4.5 Listening
4.6 Communication Activity

Communication Worksheets

5. Collaboration

5.1 Intro-Random Groups
5.2 Participation Systems
5.3 Roles
5.4 Encouragement
5.5 Team Games
5.6 Team Quizzes
5.7 Task-Based Teaching
5.8 Collaboration Activity

Collaboration Worksheet