Becoming an Active Citizen of the EU (Primary School)

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Teacher Trainer Elena Berizzi, Tamara Slovinská, Tatiana Speri
Duration 5 hours
Course Category Erasmus+ and European Values


To be actively involved in shaping the European future, it’s crucial that the new generations have a comprehensive understanding of the workings of European institutions and are familiar with other EU-related topics.

This online course has been specifically created for primary school teachers to equip them with practical activities and suggestions for introducing these concepts to their pupils. Alternatively, the course can also be taken by primary school learners with the assistance of a caregiver.

The course takes learners on a virtual tour of the European Union, covering its history, institutions, and current activities. Participants will explore European symbols such as flags and currencies, become familiar with the different official languages, understand the process of European integration, examine the functioning of the primary EU institutions, and discover the EU’s contemporary initiatives that impact their daily lives.


What is the EU?

This lesson introduces the EU, its symbols, and fundamental principles.

How was the EU born?

This lesson clarifies the birth and history of the EU, as well as the creation of the single market.

How does the EU make decisions?

This lesson covers the key concepts and institutions of the EU, including how decisions are made.

What does the EU do today?

This lesson, explains the EU’s current activities, including active citizenship, environmentally sustainable development, and food policy.