CLIL in Practice, Focus on the EU

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Teacher Trainer Sheila Corwin
Duration 5 hours
Course category Languages and CLIL

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Course description

The course is relevant for school teachers interested in creating and implementing CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) activities. It explains in depth the CLIL methodology and introduces several examples of CLIL activities focused on EU content referring to European geography, history, folklore, and cultural heritage — among others.

In particular, the course focuses on the CLIL methodology, which supports both academic subject and language teachers. By taking the course, online users will get inspiration from many examples of CLIL activities that focus on different methods and incorporate either reading, writing, listening, or speaking into an engaging classroom lesson.

The course has one short quiz on the fundamental principles behind CLIL and offers several activity handouts ready to be used in the classroom, along with questions for reflection for the students.


The 4Cs and the Student-Centered Methodology

The module clarifies the fundamental principles and methodologies that define CLIL.

CLIL activities on the European Union

The module presents CLIL activities on the European Union.

  • MATCH UP – European Institutions
  • CLOZE – The flag of the European Union
  • FORM FILLING – Creating your own EU passport

CLIL activities on Germany and France

The module presents CLIL activities focusing on the two countries of Germany and France.

  • JIGSAW – Ursula von der Leyen
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE – Christine La Garde

CLIL activities on Belgium and Luxembourg

The module presents CLIL activities focusing on the two countries of Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • SEQUENCING TEXT – Belgium and Luxembourg
  • PROBLEM SOLVING – Challenges facing the EU

CLIL activities on Italy and the Netherlands

The module presents CLIL activities focusing on the two countries of Italy and the Netherlands.

  • ANSWERING QUESTIONS – Movie trailer “The Life Ahead”
  • PRE-SCRIPTED ROLEPLAY – Girl with the Pearl Earring