Design your Project-Based Learning Experience

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Ilaria Barbieri
Course Category Classroom management
Duration Approx. 7 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Project-Based Learning has been proven to be one of the most effective instructional strategies for involving students in meaningful learning experiences. PBL can support motivation, deep understanding of curricular topics, long-lasting learning, as well as the development of soft-skills and 21st-century education strategies that learners of all ages will use throughout their lives.

PBL is suitable for all levels, all subjects and… it may be easier to manage than you imagine. 

This online course in 5 modules will help you understand not only what Project-Based Learning really is, but also how to effectively implement PBL for (and with) your own students.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to design your own PBL activities and you’ll be ready to launch a meaningful activity in your classroom.

Course Structure

Module 1: What PBL is

In this Module you will get a deep understanding of the essence of Project-based Learning:

  • Its ingredients
  • PBL compared to other methods
  • Why use it

You will also get an overview of all the steps necessary to plan PBL.

Module 2: Let’s start

  • You will move the first steps into PBL planning. You will explore how to:
  • Choose a good topic
  • Build an effective and clear driving question

This Module includes 3 practical activities.

Module 3: The activities in PBL

You will get to know the main elements of PBL execution:

  • Student’s inquiry
  • Tasks
  • Products

You will analyze PBL samples, get inspiration, and come up with your own ideas.

Since a good project has to be easily manageable, at the end of this module you will estimate:

  • the actual availability of resources in your context
  • the feasibility of your PBL in your context.

This Module includes 3 practical activities.

Module 4: Assessment

You will get familiar with a broad notion of assessment, that will make the most out of your students’ learning potential.

More in details, you will acquire skills about:

  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Managing the “who, what and when” of assessment
  • Choosing appropriate assessment tools – you will be provided with 18 examples.

This Module includes 2 practical activities.

Module 5: Planning the whole PBL journey: from the “entry” to the “final” event

In this Module you will put the final touches to your own PBL creation, taking care of:

  • Time management
  • The introduction and the conclusion of PBL
  • A complete project management tool to create a full, ready-to-use, and ready-to-share plan.

This Module includes 2 practical activities.