Drama Education: 30 Games for a Successful Theatre Workshop

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Stefano Scotti
Course Category Creativity and soft skills
Duration 4 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Can games be used during your lessons? Do you know which, how, and when to use them?

We have designed this course to offer you 30 games proposals to use in your classroom, as a tool to improve relationships in the classroom, overcome conflicts, reduce inequalities and stimulate the creativity of your pupils.

You will also have learned how to use these playful proposals as preparatory activities for the creation of a theatrical workshop.

The course has an important purpose: to use the “game” as a space in which the child can learn how to participate in democratic life, build his own subjectivity and express it to the world.

In fact, the games that you will learn about throughout the course, have the primary aim of helping your children to strengthen their feeling of being part of a group, to develop their sense of trust, and finally to be able to express their opinions and emotions through the different artistic languages.

Course structure

Before we start

  • Welcome to the course
  • Schedule
  • How to navigate this course
  • FAQ
  • Introduce yourself

Topic 1 – Some tips to remember before starting to play

  • Didactic Advice
  • How to plan game sessions
  • Can “Evaluating” Become a Game?
  • The content of the sheet

Topic 2 – Games to start a session

  • Warm-up games
  • Games to form a group

Topic 3 – Games to create a sense of group

  • Games to get to know each other
  • Contact games
  • Games to build the sense of trust

Topic 4 – Expression games

  • Imitation and mime games
  • Collective creativity games
  • Symbolic games

Topic 5 – Games to dramatize

  • Character games
  • Story games

Topic 6 – Games to end a session

  • Relaxation games
  • Evaluation Games