How to Make Educational Videos (With Free and Easy-To-Use Platforms)

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Iacopo Falciani
Course Category Online teaching
Duration 4 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

Many times, as teachers, we hear repeatedly that we should get digitally updated in order to be able to fill the gap with our students and get closer to their world. But sometimes it seems to be a long and arduous process. This is not always true.
Videos represent a great tool to bridge this gap. And learning how to make your educational video can be fast and engaging.

This course aims to be a guide for you to learn an easy way to make engaging and effective educational videos for your students, from kindergarten to schools for adults, and for every subject.

The course, which only uses free programs, is designed also for teachers with no or little experience with technology; so everybody can learn how to introduce educational video in his/her classroom within a month.

Here you will also find different ways of integrating educational videos in your lessons; moreover, we present fundamental practical tips for correctly introducing videos to your classroom.

Finally, thanks to the guided exercises, you will be able to start preparing your educational videos from the very beginning of the course.

Course structure

1. Screenrecording

1.1 What is “screenrecording”?
1.2 Practical examples
1.3 Screenrecorders
1.4 OBS guide
1.5 Screenrecording step-by-step
1.6 Activity. Practice with OBSBook

2. Video editing

2.1 Intro to Shotcut
2.2 Activity. Practice with ShotcutBook

3. How to use educational videos in the school

3.1 Managing video files
3.2 Ideas for the classroom
3.3 Forum: share your ideas

4. Practical tips!

4.1 Practical tips!
4.2 Forum: your practical tips