How to Teach Online Engaging Students

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Course description

Teaching online is akin to face-to face teaching but also has its distinctive features. As a participant to this course, you will discover the peculiarities of online teaching and learn how to transfer to a virtual classroom your established capacity of teaching in presence, thereby reducing the anxiety of working in unfamiliar conditions.

By the end of the course, you will understand the value of transforming your virtual classroom in a community of inquirers, where the learners work autonomously and collaborate in small groups.

You will have new ideas on activities you can propose to your students to motivate them, and promote their interaction. You will also know how to prepare effective lessons that can engage your students even when they are learning asynchronously.

Most of all, you will also be familiar with the specific features of web applications and programs allowing you to implement these activities online as if you were really facing the students in your old classroom.

Course structure

Lesson 1: The Bases of Online Teaching

Understand the basic concepts related to online teaching.


1. Teaching face-to-face and online: similarities and differences.
2. The varieties of teaching: Blended learning, and synchronous vs. asynchronous teaching.
3. Plan your online teaching: need analysis, setting learning objectives, and plotting the structure of your online course.

Lesson 2: Build a Community of Inquiry in Your Online Course

Learn how to create interaction in your online classroom by developing a community and know which type of activities enhance a certain type of development.


1. The community of inquirers.
2. Cognitive, social, and teaching presence.
3.  Add Interactivty to an Online Course.

Lesson 3: Online Tools that Generate Engagement and Interaction

Understand the different types of interactions that can be generated and be able to use some of the online tools that are available on the Internet for free.


1. Design assignments specifically for online learners.
2. Collaborative learning.
3. Interactive Lectures.
4. Online discussion.
5. Digital assignments and portfolios.

Lesson 4: Develop your Knowledge Clip

Learn how to write the script and record an effective knowledge clip that you can add to your course.


1. Set your teaching goal.
2. Develop your script and storyboard.
3. Record.

Lesson 5: From Drafting to Implementing!

Get some last tips and go through the draft of the lesson you have created, adjust the final details, implement it, and start teaching it!


1.  Community of Inquiry Final Principles.
2.  Draft reviewing.
3.  Communication channels with online learners.
4.  Tips and Tricks


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