7 Microsoft Programs for Online Education

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Course Details

Teacher Trainer Robert Schwamborn
Course Category Online teaching
Duration Approx. 2 or 3 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Suggested computer proficiency: intermediate

Please note: In order to access some of the advanced Powerpoint and Word functions yourself, you will need to have a recent desktop version of Office (not just the web app) installed on your computer.

Course description

Teaching online nowadays is becoming more and more prevalent. Schools are embracing ready-made online systems such as Microsoft 365 to provide a comprehensive and secure online teaching environment.

This course is for all teachers who are interested in using Microsoft 365 for their classrooms. Microsoft 365 offers many applications that can be used both for blended and remote teaching.

When taking part in this course, you will discover some of the – often unknown – functions of Word, Powerpoint, and OneNote that allow for easier creation and managing of content & will make them more engaging for your students.  Learn how to use Teams to create an online classroom and discover how lesser-known programs such as Forms, Sway and Stream can be used effectively in class.

Course structure

Topic 1: Powerpoint

Powerpoint is the best-known program for creating electronic presentation slides. Learn how to use advanced Powerpoint functions to apply animations effectively and make your presentations interactive.

Topic 2: Word

The program most often used for text-based documents. Learn how to make Word documents more visually appealing. Explore functions like restricting editing rights for students, advanced review features, and more efficient document design.

Topic 3: OneNote & Forms

OneNote is like an open canvas that allows for text, pictures, drawing, and even entire files to be stored & shared on the same page. Learn how to use OneNote to share information with your class, assign homework, and review student’s work. During this session, you will also learn how to create quizzes and surveys with Microsoft Form.

Topic 4: Teams

Teams is a communication platform that can be used as a virtual classroom, complete with a shared file repository and the function to assign and evaluate homework, among many other features.

Topic 5: Stream & Sway

Learn how use Stream to add quiz questions and comments to videos, and consider how to use videos effectively in your lesson. Discover Sway, a great tool to create newsletters, documentation, reports, and much more.