Wellbeing, Inclusion and Creativity

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Duration 15 hours
Course Category Classroom management, Creativity and soft skills


Creating an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment is key for any kind of teaching. When students feel at ease, lessons are more fun and rewarding for everyone.

Sometimes, however, it can be hard to create the right atmosphere and fully engage everyone in the classroom, especially with students coming from varied and multifaceted backgrounds, with different needs and learning styles.

That is why, within the framework of the Erasmus+ project LOL, we created this free teacher training course about wellbeing, inclusion, and creativity. It is aimed to enable teachers to create a welcoming atmosphere for all the students, increase their engagement and participation in the classroom, and improve everyone’s well-being through mindfulness and positive education.

The course includes videos, ready-to-use materials, and references for further exploration, to provide educators with the right tools to make their lessons more inclusive, rewarding, and engaging.



  1. What is Well-being?
  2. How can we achieve Well-being in the classroom?
  3. What is Mindfulness?
  4. Mindful breathing to enhance positive emotions and deal with unpleasant emotions;
  5. Different ways to practice mindfulness.


  1. What is inclusive education?
  2. Main tools to deal with students with special needs (Part 1);
  3. Main tools to deal with students with special needs (Part 2);
  4. A Main tool to create an inclusive positive learning environment;
  5. How to successfully deal with students with different language levels.


  1. What is creativity? How to enhance it?
  2. Why is it important to develop imagination in students?
  3. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS);
  4. Enhance creativity with ICT;
  5. Develop creativity with team-building activities.

Learning Out Loud Project Nr. KA220-ADU-BE6A5DA9