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If you are looking for a course for a group of teachers, you have come to the right place!

Europass is the largest European provider of professional development courses for educators. Our goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of education though creativity, innovation, and collaboration, for the wellbeing of students and teachers alike.

We are experts in organizing training courses for groups of teachers, administrators in the education sector, and all members of public and private educational institutions.

Broad range of topics

Today’s educators are facing unprecedented challenges as well as incredible opportunities. Our courses are designed to keep teachers up-to-date, creative, and motivated.

The aim of our online courses is to improve the quality and effectiveness of education, enhancing creativity and innovation, while preserving teachers’ and students’ wellbeing.

Our courses provide an excellent opportunity for professional development and training in a wide range of subjects, such as strategies for classroom management, ICT for curriculum development, and self-care for teachers.

We also offer courses concerning mental health and self-care among school staff. Our courses in leadership and project management provide school principals and staff with the necessary tools for navigating an ever-changing education environment.

Flexibility and expertise

Our teacher trainers have experience teaching both online and in-person courses. With professional backgrounds in counseling, languages, information technology, special education, and more, our trainers are well-equipped to design and update courses based on the specific interests and needs of participants.

Online course bundles

Can’t decide which course to take?

Our course bundles consist of 3 to 5 courses, perfect for streamlined training for individuals from the same school.

The course bundle is a selection of courses related to a particular topic or skill set. Courses focus on developing micro-skills, with the goal of creating unity and a spirit of collaboration among professionals from the same school or institution.

Each bundle focuses on a specific theme:

1) 21st Century skills (short)

2) Primary School bundle

  1. Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach
  2. Literature Circles: Engaging Readers in Effective Reading
  3. Social and Emotional Learning Techniques for an Uncertain World

3) Online course creation and teaching

  1. Digital tools to engage your students now
  2. The essential guide to online course design
  3. The subtle art of teaching online

4) Language bundle

  1. Project-Based Language Learning
  2. Literature Circles: Engaging Readers in Effective Reading
  3. Digital Tools for Language Teachers
  4. CLIL: a How to Guide

5) 21st century skills (long)

  1. The 4Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking
  2. Free Online Tools to Boost your Teaching
  3. Social and Emotional Learning Techniques for an Uncertain World
  4. Homework vs. Home Learning, and After-School Tasks
  5. Self-Directed Learning: How to Help your Students Get Started

6) Dealing with the pandemic

  1. Wellbeing in Schools: Positive Education and Mindfulness
  2. SOS Teacher Stress
  3. Free Online Tools to Boost your Teaching
  4. Flip your Online Lesson
  5. 5 Steps to Active Learning in your Online Class

7) Remote and Hybrid Teaching

  1. 7 Microsoft Programs for Online Education and/or Google Classroom for Online Education
  2. Free Online Tools to Boost your Teaching
  3. The essential guide to online course design
  4. The subtle art of teaching online
  5. Creative Tech Tools for Online Teaching
  6. Self-Directed Learning: How to Help your Students Get Started

Online course bundles details

We can arrange for intensive courses on Saturdays, or one session each day of the week, or only one session per week – as you prefer.

Schools can decide if the same teachers will take all courses in the bundle, or if different teaches will take each course.

3 courses for 2280 Euros (instead of 2850 euros – 20 % discount!)
5 courses for 3325 Euros (instead of 4750 Euros – 30 % discount!)

Additional fees may apply for more than 14 course participants.

Course bundles come with additional benefits:

  • Extra material for self-study and assignments that will be reviewed by the course trainer
  • Course dates and time can be customized according to your needs
  • Price discount

[Prices given are group prices, no individual booking possible]

Customized courses for your school or group

Haven’t found the topic you were looking for? Ask us to design a specific course to meet your needs.

We offer online courses in a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Project-Based Learning, Information and Communications Technology, and Conflict Management. We have years of experience facilitating more than 140 different face-to-face courses, and can adapt topics of particular interest to an online context.

Approaches and methods covered in these courses have been shown to greatly improve students’ performance and motivation. However, not every approach will have a strong positive impact in every classroom or school. Schools are complex organizations, each with its unique culture, ethos, resources, and teacher and student population. In order for a new approach or method to achieve results, it should be carefully integrated into the school’s existing infrastructure.

Given each school’s complex profile, addressing one issue often requires amending other institutional elements. For example, if a school plans to move to blended or hybrid learning, it may not be sufficient to train teachers simply in the use of educational programs and Apps. It may also be necessary to address, for example, how to motivate students for distance learning, or how to prevent cyberbullying.

We offer you a consultation service to create customized training courses and interventions tailored to the needs of your school and/or educational institute. Our consultation service includes:

1) Consultation phase

In the initial phase, we ask the school’s principal and/or board of directors to fill out a questionnaire to define the desired changes, the scope and timeline of the customized training project. We then meet with the school’s principal and board of directors and – as necessary – with additional stakeholders of the school, including teachers, students and parents. We assess the needs and requirements of the school and analyse its existing framework.

2) Creation of customised training courses

Based on our assessment, we select appropriate interventions, courses and course modules from our large repertoire. We will then present our recommendations to you, explaining our rationale behind each selection. You are then free to agree or to ask for modifications.

3) Running of training courses

Once everyone is in agreement as to the customized training program, we will schedule activities according to your preferred timetable. Whenever possible, courses will be held on-site. Otherwise, courses will be held online. All courses are facilitated by our expert teacher trainers, each with years of experience working in the education sector.

4) Evaluation

We will devise an evaluation concept to analyze the impact of the training on your school. Depending on the scale of the training, this would include before- and after-surveys, focus-group meetings and follow-up events. A full report will be presented to the schools’ principal and board of directors.

Prices, contacts and details

Contact us and we will arrange a free over-the-phone consultation. After our initial conversation, we will send you a quote for our services. When an agreement is reached, we will ask for a deposit before the training begins. The remaining sum will be due after your receipt of our final report.

Discounts for schools on our live online courses for groups

We currently offer several live courses (5 hours each) in our online catalog.

The larger the group, the greater the discount!

Number of participantsprice
up to 14 participants€ 740,00
15 – 20 participants€ 850,00
21 – 25 participants€ 950,00
more than 25 participantscontact us

Live online courses specifics

Course specifics such as schedule or number of lecture hours can be modified upon request. Otherwise, all online courses involve the following:


Registrations are always available within 12/24 hours from the live stream and remain available up to two weeks after the end of the course.
So don’t worry if not everyone can attend the streaming at the scheduled time, because they can catch up by watching the recordings on their own time.

Certificate of attendance

Each participant will be granted a certificate of attendance after the successful completion of the course.

Discounts for schools on our MOOCs for groups

We currently offer several Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in our online catalog, including:

Wellbeing in Schools: Positive Education and Mindfulness
The Best Web Apps for Educational Quizzes
The ABCs of Online Teaching
Reggio Emilia Approach for Preschools: Become the Best Teacher You Can Be
Design your Project-Based Learning Experience
6 Google Programs for Online Teaching
7 Microsoft Programs for Online Education

The larger the group, the greater the discount!

Number of participantsPrice
up to 14 participants€ 450,00
15 – 20 participants€ 550,00
21 – 25 participants€ 650,00
more than 25 participantscontact us

Coaching and Counseling: the “Online Happiness Desk”

Our Happiness Desk offers support, guidance, and structure for educators who are seeking greater well-being and satisfaction in their personal and professional life.

Online Coaching & Counseling for groups are available on-demand, you can learn more about our service on the Happiness Desk’s page.

Please contact us for group fees.

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