Supporting your LGBTIQ+ Students

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Teacher Trainer Carolina Castro
Course Type Self-Paced
Availability Coming soon
Course category Classroom management
Duration Approx. 3 hours
Certificate Europass Course Certificate

Course description

There is concerning evidence that LGBTIQ+ students at educational institutions often suffer bullying because of their gender identity and/or sexuality. Research indicates that educators regularly fail to take action in the face of anti-LGBT bias and are often not equipped to address these issues. This may lead to several negative consequences for the child, from bad academic performance to mental health issues. The good news is that there are things that teachers and schools can do to help LGBTIQ+ children to face these issues and be true allies.

In this course, you will explore practical ways to create a welcoming and safe environment for LGBTIQ+ young people in your classes. You will learn about using welcoming symbols, developing positive relationships with them, promoting their healthy relationships with other members of the school community by always using inclusive language, for example, the use of their chosen pronouns. You will also discuss how to challenge homophobia and transphobia in the classroom or the playground. You will be encouraged to liaise with rainbow families who already belong to the school community as well as with LGBTIQ+ support groups and associations to both include them in the school community and build a supportive environment for the LGTBIQ+ students.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create a safer environment for your LGBTIQ+ students by implementing strategies that build respect, trust and care for all. Hence, you will become a visible ally for the LGBTIQ+ community at your school and will model this positive role for other teachers, students and staff alike.

Course structure

Topic 1: Key LGBTIQ+ terminology and concepts

Understanding what it means to be a member of the LGBTIQ+ community is essential for you to support your queer students. During this session, you will learn about the meaning of the acronym LGBTIQ+, we will discuss the essential differences between the concepts of Sex, Gender and Sexuality, intersex variations and gender diversity.

Topic 2: Being queer in heteronormative schools

What is it like today to be a queer child at school? You will explore the challenges queer children face and the negative consequences these can bring into their lives. We will explore how some countries have developed concrete laws to protect the LGBTIQ+ community, as well as national education protocols and curriculum aiming at both improving the wellbeing and protecting the fundamental rights of queer people.

Topic 3: Become an ally for queer students

As a teacher, there are many things you can do to support your queer students. Let’s talk about the inclusive language you can use, how to articulate positive relationships with queer students that make them feel safe and be aware of professionals and support groups to refer them to when necessary. You will reflect on what protocol to follow when you observe homophobic or transphobic behavior from other students, staff members or parents/care takers against queer students.

Topic 4: Transgender youth

Transgender youth commonly suffer even more challenges than other young people in the LGBTIQ+ community, and even more so if they decide to transition while they are at school. You will learn about what it means to be transgender, an umbrella term that covers several different gender identifications. We will also analyze typical misconceptions and prejudices against transgender people as well as ways to help them affirm their gender at school.

Topic 5: Schoolwide action and connection with the wider LGBTIQ+ Community

Promoting schoolwide policies and collaboration networks can be one of the most efficient ways to support queer students at your school. You will learn about examples on how to foster staff collaboration and policies that can be implemented to establish clear guidelines on how to support LGBTIQ+ students at your school. Finally, we will talk about the benefits of liaising with local LGBTIQ+ associations and rainbow families to facilitate a solid and long-term support network for queer students.

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